Facial Dental Anatomy for Forensics Workshop

Two-Day Workshop

Speaker: Starla A. Ewan, Medical Science Instructor

DAY ONE: Hands-On Body Systems:  Facial Anatomy:   Participants will receive hands-on teaching techniques and lessons that cover the skeletal, muscular, neural, and vascular facial components that relate to the application of dental procedures and curriculum. These great lessons help make difficult material easier to understand and increase student learning, retention of material, and execution of dental skills.

DAY TWO: Hands-On Body Systems:  Facial Anatomy for Forensic Application Workshop

Hands-on teaching techniques and lessons that apply forensic lessons to facial anatomy.  The skin, specifically identifies the characteristics (including dental) is added to the facial components, and the five manners of death are covered in a manner that students can apply Case Studies.  

Separate Workshop Materials:  Facial Anatomy Kits:  Price of $50/each Included in the 2-day course.

Each Kit includes: 

Skull, 8-part brain, clay for both sides of the face, tooth-building, and forensic facial structures, tools, and storage container.

Program Type: Classroom


Registration Fee:

Regular Price: $700.00

Discounted Price: $500.00

Hands On Body Systems: Facial Anatomy Part 1
May 20th, 2022
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Hands-On Body Systems: Facial Anatomy for Forensic Application Workshop: Part 2
May 21st, 2022
8:00 am - 5:00 pm