Pit and Fissure Sealant Certification

Dental Board of California Approved # PF002

Registered CE Provider Permit No. RP3794 (16 CE units)

MANDATORY for  RDA  Application, RDA, and EF2 Functions DBC Category 1

Take Note: If you delay until your first license renewal, you can't perform sealants unless you are certified.


Professional Liability coverage is imperative for this course. Choose one of the below options.

  • Option 1: (ADAA) American Dental Assistants Association.
  • Option 2: (HPSO) Healthcare Providers Service Organization.

Course Description:

The Pit and Fissure Sealant Application course is designed to provide comprehensive training in the application of pit and fissure sealants. This course is specifically tailored for individuals applying for or holding a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) license in California.

Prerequisites for enrollment include current certification in Basic Life Support (BLS/CPR): All participants involved in the direct provision of patient care must be certified in basic life support procedures, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Re-certification intervals may not exceed two years. Completion of Coronal Polish course8-hour infection control course and 2 hours of the Dental Practice Act or concurrent enrollment in our COMBO course, Copy of Drivers License. 

The course includes both laboratory and clinical instruction. Laboratory instruction utilizes a typodont, a simulated model of occlusal FOSSA and occlusal groove, and extracted teeth. Participants will practice and develop their skills to achieve minimum competence in various sealant application protocols.

Participants are required to bring safety glasses, a curing light, and wear scrubs during the course. Ultradent's UltraSeal XT Plus sealant material and an instructional video will be provided upon enrollment.

Clinical instruction involves working with four clinical patients. Each patient must have a minimum of four virgin, non-restored, natural teeth that are sufficiently erupted to maintain a dry field during the application of etchant, etchant/bond combination, and sealant materials. The instruction covers teeth in all four quadrants among the four patients.

Supervised clinical instruction ensures that students meet the required minimum standard competency in pit and fissure sealant application.

The course emphasizes infection control and provides written protocols to establish adequate asepsis, infection control, and hazard disposal in compliance with dental board regulations and other applicable provisions.

Participants are responsible for contributing four extracted teeth (two bicuspids and two molars) or four identical teeth for laboratory preparation. The teeth should be immersed in a small Dixie cup of stone or plaster base, aligned as they would be in the dental arch.

Participants are also responsible for recruiting their own four patients. Patients must be pre-screened and prescribed teeth verified as caries-free with recent bitewings by their dentist or employer. DSI staff does not pre-screen patients but will certify, assess, validate, approve, or disapprove the initially pre-selected patients.

The clinical final exam will be proctored by licensed dentists, and patients will be evaluated with a signed prescription for sealants provided by a private DDS outside of DSI's faculty. Diagnostic recent bitewing x-rays of the selected teeth are required, with digital x-rays needing to meet diagnostic quality standards.

In-office training is offered for a minimum of eight participants, and course dates are subject to change based on class size.

Note: This course complies with the requirement set by the Dental Board of California, which mandates successful completion of a board-approved course in pit and fissure sealant application for RDAs as a condition of license renewal.

Copyright/Photography: Participants are not allowed to photograph, record, videotape, or copy any material from the Dental Specialties Institute without advance written permission. Photography may occur during courses for marketing and advertising purposes. Participants who do not wish to be photographed should notify the course director or photographer.


Program Type: Classroom


Registration Fee:

Regular Price: $695.00

Discounted Price: $600.00

Part 1 (Lab)
July 21st, 2024
8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Part 2 (Clinical Final Exam)
August 11th, 2024
8:30 am - 5:30 pm