RDAEF2 Program

A comprehensive program with 410/318 hours of instruction, combining online lectures, hands-on laboratory and live patient clinical experiences; Certification programs for both RDAs and existing RDAEFs

IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS:  (**Included in you're tuition)

Current RDA or RDAEF1

Applicant entry requirements for this program are as follows:

  • Hold a current RDA or RDAEF1
  • Have a driver’s license or photo ID
  • Pit & Fissure sealant certification
  • 2 Hour Dental Practice Act
  • 2 Hour Infection Control
  • Proof of Liability Insurance Coverage **
  • All instrumentation and materials**
  • CPR-BLS certification for healthcare providers through the American Red Cross or American Heart Association
  • Currently employed with a minimum of 1 year or verification from the previous employer.
  • Verification from a health professional that the student has been immunized against: Hepatitis B, and Rubella (MMR-measles, mumps, rubella vaccine) and evidence of a negative tuberculin test, within six months of application or adequate follow-up in the case of a positive test.
  •  Submit program application with $2000 deposit non-refundable unless the application is not accepted due to deficiencies.

Our program offers RDAs and existing RDAEF1s an affordable opportunity to complete the education and qualify for licensure to perform procedures such as:


Each course is broken into four modules that must be completed for credit in the course; a module usually consists of our Blended online discussion board, chapters of reading, some short-answer reading response questions and an additional assignment that could be a case study, or a short paper or an assignment that applies to the subject matter presented in the reading, quizzes, and final written exam.

  • Dental Instruments, 6th Edition
  • Dental Materials, 3rd Edition
  • Wheeler's Dental Anatomy, Physiology, and Occlusion, 10th Edition
  • Endodontics, 5th Edition
  • Contemporary Fixed Prosthodontics, 5th Edition
  • Craig's Restorative Dental Materials, 14th Edition


Deposit will cover all materials, textbook, and online program fees. DSI will provide instruments and materials. Although, students will be responsible for the purchase of they're own magnification loupes, typodont, and bench mount. All students are required to have access to a laptop, computer or tablet for the online presentations, assignments, study materials, quizzes, discussion board, Skype and email for correspondence or posted on our online Blended Learning Canvas. You will need access to a computer in order to complete required homework assignments.

This 410-hour program trains and prepares currently licensed RDAs to perform all of the new procedures in extended functions which include:

  • Performing patient oral health evaluations, charting and evaluating soft tissue, classifying occlusion and myofunctional evaluation
  • Performing oral health assessments in a community and school-based settings under the direction of a dentist, RDH or RDHAP
  • Sizing and fitting endodontic master points and accessory points
  • Taking final impressions for tooth-borne removable prostheses
  • Polishing and contouring existing amalgam restorations
  • Placing, contouring, finishing and adjusting all direct restorations
  • Adjusting and cementing permanent indirect restorations

Additionally, participants will be trained to perform:

  • Cord retraction of gingiva for impression procedures
  • Cementing endodontic master points and accessory points
  • Taking final impressions for permanent indirect restorations
  • All other procedures authorized and adopted by the Dental Board*

*Please see Section 1753.6 of the California Business and Professions Code

Existing RDAEFs
This 318-hour program updates existing RDAEFs (who were licensed prior to January 1, 2010) in the new, allowable procedures for RDAEFs described above. Participants who successfully complete this program will be eligible to take the RDAEF exam, and upon successful completion, will be able to perform all of the expanded duties approved for currently licensed California RDAEFs.

 Current RDAEFs will not need a supervising dentist as they will not be participating in this part of the curriculum.



Registration Fee:

Regular Price: $20,000.00

Discounted Price: $10,500.00

Program Dates:

February 9th, 2019
9:00 am - 4:00 pm