X-ray Challenge

Dental Board of California Approved

(There is $100 exam fee which is separate from the course fee to be paid to Examiner)
This course is for those who have significant experience taking full-mouth dental radiographs but do not have a California Radiation Safety Certificate. Must show proof of out of state x-ray training.Participants will be required to pass a written examination and take two FMX (full mouth x-ray) series double film. Three pre-clinical patients at the workplace and One clinical patient survey will be performed at Dental Specialties site for the final clinical exam. All course supplies are included.

 No instruction will be given during this Radiation Safety Certificate challenge.

There will be no refund for participants who are unsuccessful in the course challenge. Participants are responsible for they're (4) patients.
Proof of Basic life support (BLS/CPR)

Online video participation!

Below are some links you might find beneficial while you are enrolled in the x-ray course. These links may be useful after you have completed the course. We are very excited to have you in our program!

Here is a link to flash-based training modules:

Here is a link to free online CE:

This is a good module for Successful Intraoral Radiographs:

Here is one for Radiation Safety:

Here is a link to some of Dentsply YouTube videos:


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Price: $400.00