RDA Written Review

A comprehensive self-paced course covering all of the required topic areas as tested on the RDA addressed in the examination outline plan. Written preparation using online practice tests and answer keys. RDA Written Examination Prep review will cover California State Board exam outline data to be used as preparation for the state-issued examination. Focusing on the Dental Board examination plan issued by the Board, containing all the review materials needed to study, including mock exam questions, answer bank, and testing program materials. As a bonus, you will receive study flashcards!

Written Examinations

The Dental Board (Board) administers the RDA Practical, Written, and Law & Ethics Examinations. Once you file your application for the practical examination, you will be sent information on how to separately pay for and schedule the required computerized written examinations. You will then be able to schedule the written and law & ethics examinations at your convenience through PSI.

Program Type: Online


Registration Fee:

Regular Price: $350.00

Discounted Price: $250.00